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How to be organized

Everyone needs a planner
If you’re interested in staying organized and getting stuff done you’ve got to have a system for keeping track of tasks and appointments. Just get used to the idea that everyone needs to have, and know how to use, a planner. And the perfect choice is this planner from sweet plans, which you can order from their website here.

Stick to your plans
Have a rule: if you write it down, get it done. That way, your planner is more than a helpful reminder of what you could have accomplished today: it’s an actual guide to what you will be doing.

Plan your day the night before
Do you feel as though you are always at loose ends? Do you forget appointments, run late, or walk out of the house without everything that you need? When your time is organized, you’ll feel the reduction in stress. Take a minute at the end of the day to plan for the next day – set out anything you need to take with you in the morning, pick out your clothes, locate your car keys, and remind yourself of your first appointment. You will start your morning in a much more centered and relaxed mood without all of the rushing around.

Make time for yourself every day
This is the number one way to reduce stress and get organized. Without time for yourself, getting organized will be a task that is far too overwhelming. This is a hard one for most people. When I say make time, I don’t mean time for chores and errands. I’m talking about time for relaxing and doing something you truly enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a long break – 30 minutes and a cup of tea on the back porch might be plenty. Just don’t blow yourself off just because you get busy. You have to respect your time as much as you do everyone else’s. When you treat yourself as a priority you’ll be much more able to get organized and of course reduce stress levels.

Make a list of your goals
Write down at least 10 goals you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Be specific. Then put the list away and update it again next year.

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